Core Fundamentals - Advantage by Dal-Tile


Introducing Core Fundamentals, our selection of the most popular red body ceramic floor, wall, and mosaic tile. These selections mainly focus on the three most beloved colors: white, gray, and beige to make designing any room easy.

Color: Mural Taupe 18"X18"
  • Aria White 12"X24"
  • Aria White 2"X4" Herringbone
  • Beige 12"X12"
  • Beige 12"X24"
  • Beige 18"X18"
  • Beige 9"X12"
  • Castillian Gray 12"X12"
  • Castillian Gray 18"X18"
  • Castillian Gray 6"X6"
  • Castillian Gray 9"X12"
  • Gray 12"X12"
  • Gray 12"X24"
  • Gray 18"X18"
  • Gray 9"X12"
  • Light Beige 12"X12"
  • Light Beige 12"X24"
  • Light Beige 18"X18"
  • Light Beige 2"X2" Straight Joint
  • Light Gray 12"X12"
  • Light Gray 12"X24"
  • Light Gray 18"X18"
  • Light Gray 2"X2" Straight Joint
  • Mural Taupe 12"X24"
  • Mural Taupe 18"X18"
  • Mural Taupe 2"X4" Brick Joint
  • Off White 12"X12"
  • Off White 12"X24"
  • Off White 18"X18"
  • Off White 2"X2" Straight Joint
  • Percussion Taupe 12"X24"
  • Percussion Taupe 2"X4" Herringbone
  • Portrait White 12"X24"
  • Portrait White 18"X18"
  • Portrait White 2"X4" Brick Joint
  • Raffia 12"X12"
  • Raffia 18"X18"
  • Raffia 6"X6"
  • Raffia 9"X12"
  • Renoir Grey 12"X24"
  • Renoir Grey 18"X18"
  • Renoir Grey 2"X4" Brick Joint
  • Serene White 12"X12"
  • Serene White 18"X18"
  • Serene White 6"X6"
  • Serene White 9"X12"
  • Sunrise 2"X2" Straight Joint
  • Sunrise 4"X12"
  • Trumpet Grey 12"X24"
  • Trumpet Grey 2"X4" Herringbone
  • White 12"X12"
  • White 15"X15"
  • White Rock 12"X12"
  • White Rock 18"X18"
  • White Rock 6"X6"
  • White Rock 9"X12"
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Core Fundamentals - Advantage
Mural Taupe 18"X18"
Field Tile
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